Greenlink Holdings | LEADERSHIP TEAM
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Jake George

As our President & CEO with two decades of experience in business & product development, Jake George is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and followed professionals in the lifestyle botanicals industry

Raonall Smith

Mr. Smith is a retired NFL linebacker with a degree in Marketing and a key member of our product development team. His leadership will shape our products for decades to come.

Brendan McKenna

Mr. McKenna is a nationally recognized health expert with a focus on Tribal Sovereignty, Indian Law and Tribal Governance.

Doug MacDonald

As a former Law Enforcement Officer with decades of experience in the financial industry, Mr. MacDonald is an authority on Canadian law enforcement and compliance.

Judy Campbell

30 Years specializing in Real Estate and development gives Mrs. Campbell a unique business prospective. She is our resident advisor on all things relating to real estate and core business strategy.

Richard Schmidtke

As our Corporate Treasurer, Mr. Schmidtke will undertake a range of strategic financial risk management activities that enable GreenLink International to maintain, improve and maximize our financial position.